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What I Offer

Editorial services, guidance, workshops, online workshops, individual sessions, translation and ghost writing services to writers who wish to improve their writing skills.

Editorial services:

My focus is mainly on instruction (help with writing skills), and on substantive editing (content) as well as copy- or line editing. I help you in all areas of writing such as plot development, characterization, dialogue, language/vocabulary, organisation, pace, rewriting, fleshing out scenes/episodes that require fleshing out, or reducing/eliminating verbose page/paragraph and irrelevant material.

I provide detailed feedback (honest but constructive), and offer suggestions that will help in making the script workable. I make my best effort that the feedback covers all aspects that will help the author with his/her future works as well, regardless of their length. 

Substantive Editing + copy editing

An overall analysis of the book and offering feedback on what works and what doesn't, identifying the problem areas and helping you to fix them.

First edit: This involves editing the original script for content, language and the overall feel. My aim is to help you streamline your story and make it work. This happens chapter by chapter, paragraph by paragraph, line by line, and word by word. The intention is to help you write professionally and tighten the script. I help you weed out fluff, unnecessary words, inconsistencies and irrelevancies and all the factors that mar a good script and insert the necessary elements.

The problem areas are highlighted on the script. The detailed comments or suggestions accompany those lines/paragraphs in the comments box in the margin. 

I then send the edited script back to you and you take your time to work on those comments and suggestions. After incorporating the changes, you send me the revised script.

Final edit: After reviewing the revised version, the final edit is carried out.

(In case there is an extra round of editing required after the first round, requested by the author, the same rates apply for the extra round.)


The charges are Rs 150 per page (300 words) or US $ 7.5 a page -- if you are outside India. It includes a first edit (substantive and line editing on the original script), and a final edit (after the changes have been carried out by the author).

Sample edit

For the satisfaction of the client, I can send a sample edit on 500 words upon request.

The payment can either be made in advance or in stages. 

If it is a novel, each chapter must be sent as a separate word document typed in Arial 10 pt, double spaced, left aligned, with single space after full stops. If it’s a collection of short stories, each story must be sent as a separate word document.

I tell you:
  • How to organize your material
  • How to streamline/tighten your script
  • Why something will/will not work
  • How to write simple, clear English
  • How you can use language better
  • How to play on your strengths and address the weaker areas
In short, we aim to help you make a manuscript that would be readable / enjoyable / publishable.

Copy editing 

If it is a clean script and only requires copy editing, the rates are Rs 50 per page (i.e, per 300 words).

What you need to send:

1. A synopsis of the book (not more than one side of an A4 sheet). 
2. The complete script -- with the word countname, postal address, email ID, and phone no. mentioned clearly on the first page.
3. If it is a novel, each chapter must be sent as a separate word document typed in Arial 10 pt, double spaced, left aligned, with single space after full stops. If it’s a collection of short stories, each story must be sent as a separate word document.
4. A short author bio (about 100-150 words).
5. You can make submissions by email. 
6. Please submit a manuscript only if it is complete.
7. Please use a sans serif font (10 pt).
8. The text should be double spaced.
9. Please use only single space after full stops.
10. Please let the MS remain left aligned. Do not justify the text.

Please mail me at for details/queries. There are no reading charges. You can also make email submissions on the same email ID. I usually take about two weeks to get back to you.


For workshops on publishing/creative writing, please write with your queries at Anybody who is interested in creative writing can get in touch. It doesn't matter whether you've written before or not, whether you've ever been published before or not. If you wish to do it, and have the skills, I can certainly help you. You're welcome to get in touch. If the writing bug has got you, welcome aboard!  

Online workshops/sessions

Alternatively, you could opt for an online workshop. It includes a detailed feedback on two short stories (1500-3000 words each) plus guidelines, examples, resource material, exercises, feedback and suggested reading. And it will cost you Rs 5000. And we'll move at a pace you are comfortable with.

Ghost writing services

Ghost writing services are also available at Re 1 per word. The rest depends on the kind of project it is.

Translation project

Hindi to English translation services are available at Rs 2 per word.

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