Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Faraway Renz Writing Retreat

Authorz Coracle conducted a two-day creative writing workshop at Faraway Renz, Uttarakhand, in association with Readomania in June 2016. Faraway Renz is a beautiful spot in the hills, more of a home stay, really, about 30 km from Ranikhet.

The creative writing workshop  included:

Day 1:
DD with the workshop participants

1. Introductions of the participants and instructors
Storytelling session

2. Introduction to creative writing.

3. Some writing exercises.

4. A post-session gathering outdoors over a round table, for sandwiches and spinning-a-yarn exercises.

Day 2:

1. Another PowerPoint presentation regarding the nittygritty of creative writing.

2. Individual sessions with each participant, discussing their cre
ative writing pieces and exercises done the day before, providing a detailed feedback.

3. An evening outdoors again, enjoying the quiet greenery of the resort, delicious snacks and music with the participants.

Day 3

1. An on the spot creating writing session on a given topic for the participants -- a thrilling exercise testing their observation skills, imagination and writing skills.

2. Answering queries/questions and clearing doubts.

3. Tying loose threads.

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